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About a year ago I agreed to be the MOH in my best friend's wedding. It's a destination affair, at an all-inclusive, pricey resort. Without knowing the proper etiquette, I (and the other attendants) agreed to pay for our entire lodging (falling for their line "oh, it will be a nice vacation for.......  Read More >
What is the etiquette for notice time for your guests if you are planning on having an evening wedding on a wednesday?

For example we had talked about having our wedding on July 8, 2009 which is a wednesday. How much time is it that I need to give my guests by sending out a save the date card.......  Read More >

I have a question on the etiquette and how to go about my wedding. My fiancé and I are having a baby in December. We don’t care about being married before or after the baby is born, but my parents really want us to be married before. If it makes everyone happy we would be married before, but only.......  Read More >
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such a wonderfully filled web resource to all the etiquette-impaired out here!

I am attending a destination wedding of a co-worker. The reception is going to be a casual yet elaborate affair. I would say we're friends--but not close friends........  Read More >

I know the etiquette is to have the hostess (in this case, me) pay for the bridal shower. The problem is that I am not certain that I'll be able to pay for a catered event, given that I am a college student with next to no money, and what little I do have is going to be going into college, a move,.......  Read More >
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