Site Rules - There aren't too many rules, but if you want to be listed you must meet the following criteria and agree to the rules.

1. Your site must:

  1. Be wedding related and business or commercial in nature.
  2. Be in the English language.
  3. Be hosted on your own domain. No My Space, Geocities, AOL Hometown type sites, subdomains, or any other sitebulder program not using your own domain can be accepted due to our unique style of scoring votes. No redirects.
  4. Contain clear contact information including a telephone number.
  5. NOT contain any popups or popunders.

2. You agree to abide by our Terms of Use, Privacy & Spam policies. Top Wedding Sites® reserves the right to: edit member accounts (such as site descriptions); remove, deactivate, lock, etc. accounts without prior notice; modify these rules at any time.

3. Listing submissions must be properly formatted. No use of ALL CAPS, html code, or keyword strings.

4. Only one free listing per business owner in the US state, UK, Ireland or Canada Team Wedding site where the business is located.

5. You must display a voting link on your site. Place the code in a prominent position for the most clicks and votes. The page containing our link must be linked to from your homepage and be accessible to visitors. You should use one of the Top Wedding Sites voting icons or text links that we provide.

6. Cheating, or attempts to artificially increase your ranking, (i.e. clicking your own voting link) is not allowed. Clicks from voting links are logged. Site owners click do not count. Examples of cheating would be hits generated any other way than from a physical click on a vote button or link from your site by real users.

7. Only the top scoring sites will appear in your category and in the search, however all active members will appear on our links pages. Activity is based on votes in.

8. You must provide a valid email address so that Top Wedding Sites® can communicate with you when necessary. Any accounts providing an invalid email or which do not accept our mail will be removed. If you have a spam filter please be sure to add to the list of accepted domains.

9. No "top sites" programs may be submitted. Members found to be operating a competitive "top sites" wedding program or trying to list such a program will be removed without notice. All advertising agreements will be ended and no refunds of advertising will be made

So, now that you know the team rules - Click here to agree to the rules and you will be able to check the agreement box and move ahead in the registration process.