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Family Signature Platter

£68.18 and up

This personalized keepsake plate comes with a special pen so that each member of your new blended family can sign their name, add a note or draw a doodle - kid's love it! You then bake the platter in your oven to make the design permanent. Display the plate in your home and use it on special occasions. The platter is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and comes painted with a family tree, and two lines of text so you can personalize it as shown with a message and your wedding date, or perhaps your family name and date. You can request up to 20 characters and spaces on each line. Made from bisque, your platter will have a slightly off-white color, not true white. A special black signature pen is included with your order. Detailed instructions for baking the platter are included.

This item is available from our shopping partner, My Spiritual Wedding.

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