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I'm trying to plan a wedding on a budget from overseas, with the help of family. Currently I'm in Japan with my fiance, but we are planning a wedding in Florida in August. My uncle has a bar so I dont have to pay for a reception hall and can have liquor at cost. The local church is only 500 dollars.......  Read More >
I am helping plan my mothers second wedding ,,how in the heck do I practice proper wedding etiquette by asking wedding guests to just give money for their honey moon on their wedding tree ...I am in dire need here please help ...she is adiment about this ..PLEASE HELP it the correct way or in.......  Read More >
I know the etiquette is to have the hostess (in this case, me) pay for the bridal shower. The problem is that I am not certain that I'll be able to pay for a catered event, given that I am a college student with next to no money, and what little I do have is going to be going into college, a move,.......  Read More >
Recently I attended a reception where the couple had a money tree. They had a display that explained the money was for the honeymoon and the display also gave entertainment options of their destination city. The guests were very generous and I gave also, feeling that I was a part of their.......  Read More >
Hello Ladies!

I'm new to this forum and need your help! Brad just proposed to me on christmas day and we have finally set a date for the fall of 2005. I have to get started planning now!! Only problem is that we are on a tight budget. I'm a big fan of online shopping and since I don't have.......  Read More >

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